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Bless My Child - Reviews

Hold Your Child's Life in God's Light, March 24, 2005

Julie Cragon has crafted special short prayers for her children, aged 3 to 16, as they were, are, and will be. Some reflections begin with a verse from scripture. Many address a specific saint, as, "St. John Berchmans, guide my child as he assists at Mass," and "St. Sebastian, watch over my child during his game today." Nine saints, including Monica (return to faith) and Nicholas (generosity) are invoked in a novena for a child's needs. The "Rosary for my child" offers a short scripture passage and reflection for each of the 20 mysteries. There are prayers for children in myriad phases and circumstances; for example, potty training, loss of a pet, driving, choosing a college, and a first job interview. Prayers in the final chapter relate to serious illness and loss. This book would be a valued gift for parents at any stage of life.

Carol Blank (USA)

A Rich Variety of Prayers for Every Occasion, May 8, 2005

Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother's Prayer Book by Julie Cragon offers mothers a rich variety of prayers for every occasion. Herself a mother of six (ages 3 through 16), Julie Cragon draws from the vast treasury of Catholic prayer to create new expressions of many beloved devotions. Offered are "Novenas for My Child"; "A Rosary for My Child"; and Stations of the Cross for My Child". Prayers to the saints reveals that we are not alone in parenting, while prayers for growth in virtue aid the realization that the Holy Spirit is always at work in the lives of our children. Bless My Child is especially recommended for new and expectant mothers within the Roman Catholic communities of faith.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Inspirational, May 27, 2008

This book has helped me in my prayers for my own children as well as other children in my life. Sometimes I feel stuck and need a little inspiration and the prayers in "Bless My Child" have helped. The book contains many prayers for all stages of our children's lives from before birth to adulthood.

L. Santiago "Mother of two" (California)

Simple & Sweet, February 6, 2010

Thank you Julie Cragon for a book that offers simple prayers for the most basic of occasions. Many people just don't think they're qualified to write their own prayers, or have the time to research what patron saints it'd be best to pray for in a given situation, so you've put it all together and offered it to anyone in an organized manner. The book works for all Christians, not just Catholic ones and so far I've bought extra copies to give to my relatives with small children. I appreciate the sweet prayers and tie-ins with bible verses. Good job!

M. Gunderson (Northern California)