St Mary's Bookstore

St. Mary's Bookstore of Nashville, Tn is located just minutes away from beautiful downtown at 1909 West End Ave. St. Mary's Bookstore has been providing customers with church supplies, books, and gifts for the past 80 years.

If Jesus

Came to Our House

If Jesus came to our house
Would my family be prepared?
The kitchen swept, the toys picked up,
The rooms all cleaned with care?
If Jesus knocked upon our door
And asked to rest His feet,
Would my children have their hair combed?
Would their clothes be nice and neat?
Yet, if He really entered
Would He care about my floors?
Would He rather look inside each child
Hoping to find more?
Are their minds all neat and tidy?
And their mouths all spic and span?
Are their souls prepared for Heaven?
Do they serve the best they can?
Is the Mary on the wall
Noticed in some special way?
Do we show love toward each other?
Do we often kneel and pray?
The crucifix that hangs
Does it remind us of Christ’s love?
Or gather dust unless we need
A favor from above?
The rosary near each bedside
Are the beads worn down with use?
Do we take time with each other?
Or is busy-ness our excuse?
If Jesus came to our house
Seeking hope and love and worth,
Would He find us each to be
His example on this earth?