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Amazing Graces

by Julie Dortch Cragon

Sacramentals are given to us by the Church, unlike Sacraments which are instituted by Christ. They help to draw us closer to Christ because with prayer and with the proper intention, the rosary, the sign of the cross, the crucifix, medals, pictures, holy water and the many other beautiful sacramentals, help us to focus on that which is holy and to make holy the different occasions of our lives. Although we do not need them for Salvation, sacramentals draw us into deeper devotion and prayer.

As I entered into the home of my friends John and Kim several months ago, I noticed the framed sketch of the Dominican Sister hanging in the living room, the over-sized pair of rosary beads on the end table and the crucifix on the wall. Kim said that she heard somewhere that children’s eyes are drawn toward the sacred and the beautiful and she wants Jesus and the example of religious vocation and prayer to be a part of her family. She wants the beautiful images of our church to be familiar to her children and the use of the rosary and the holy water font and scapulars to be included in their everyday lives. I believe we are in a time in our Church when we need every bit of help we can find to keep our children on the right track of living a truly authentic Catholic life, their eyes and thus their minds focused on the sacred. Sacramentals are spiritual tools, perfect to pass on to the next generations. Many of our grandparents and our parents have given us examples of praying the rosary and saying novenas and having statues and images of the Saints and Mary and Jesus in the house. These reminders helped to keep them focused on what was important, faith and trust in God, and they continue to help us today.

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